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Our goal is to provide the best service, using the some of the best parts and practices possible. Early 900 series and 356 Porsche are our main focus. We strive to deliver service and maintenance unmatched in the industry today. From original stock to highly modified and racing applications, unlock your Porsche's true potential. Specializing in:

Full vehicle restoration

Concours preparation

Precision tuning

High performance modification

Big Bore engine conversions

Twin Spark and Fuel Injection

Benton Performance Blog

Project Update #2: "Alister Can" Engine is in!

John Benton

3 days 'til D-Day and all is going smoothly. Upon bleeding the brakes, we found a cracked hardline and have no replaced not only the soft lines, but the front hard lines as well. Brake system is now complete. The axles have been repacked and prepped and engine installed. Some more miniscule interior pieces have been replaced, old tires have been replaced with a touring tire, shift bushings replaced, linkage all adjusted, clutch adjusted, new battery installed and hold down repaired. We just secured oil pressure and plan on starting the car tomorrow! We will post her "start-up" after work performed on an engine that has not been turned over in nearly a decade.