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Benton Performance Blog

"Alister Can" Trip Update #1

John Benton

Alister's e-mail to us....

Hey guys,

 Hope all is well...

 I have an update for you and some pictures, albeit not great pictures. I also did a time lapse of the whole leg of the journey which looks pretty cool (its large but ill put on a thumb drive for you and give it to you on the 13th when I pop in).


 I had the car parked in West Hollywood in a drive way for 3 days, during this time 2 people left business cards in under the windscreen wiper and asked if I was selling the car. On Tuesday night we started the car and drove to downtown LA (Union Station). The car took a bit of starting after having sat there for a few nights, I think I just need to get used to firing it up. 

 6am Wednesday the 21st I walked to Union Station and got the car, I drove to pick up a friend in the arts district near the 6th Street Bridge, we grabbed a coffee, loaded the car and hit the road at 7am. (at this stage the car had a small suitcase and 2 backpacks in the front, 1 large suit case and 1 large hiking pack in the back, and 2 large men)

 We filled up with fuel before jumping on the I-5 and heading over the hills north of LA, this was the first real test for the car, I must say I was a little nervous, but it ran perfectly. I kept the revs up around 4000 rpm the whole climb, not wanting to lug the engine while carrying that much weight. The temperature gauge got a touch over half way, but the engine rejected the heat well. Temp fell to 1/4 gauge on the way down the other side.

 Things flattened out on the I-5, it gave me some time to feel at ease in the car, but it wasn't long before I got a little bored and thought we would head towards the coast. We took the 152 west towards San Jose and Gilroy. This took us passed the San Luis Reservoir and over another large mountain range. This had some really long steep grades which had me spending quite a bit of time back in 3rd pulling 4000rpm plus. I was monitoring the temp gauge closely, but it wasn't been threatening to climb above half gauge... I certainly wasn't slowing down traffic. 

 We made a couple of stops, drove through Silicon Valley with was cool for a couple of Australians, then headed into San Francisco. We took King St onto the Embarcadero around the bay, then fought the steep hills and hill starts to get to our place in Russian Hill at 3pm.

 The car now rests here in San Fran while we explore the city. On Saturday the 24th, Simone and I head to Napa Valley for lunch, then head north to Ashland, OR (another 350 mile day) we will spend a night hear and find a nice Oregon micro brewery for dinner. 

 The Car:

 It was a long day, and the car was great. I put 500mls of oil in over the 400 mile journey. A small puff of smoke on start up after the long legs of the drive. Handled the climbs with relative ease, and handled well at high speed down the back side of the mountain ranges. We kept up with traffic at around 80mph, the needle may have hit 95mph at one stage. The harmonics of the exhaust are quite loud at 3900RPM which is about 70mph in 4th gear, so I kept it above this both to keep up with the majority of drivers and to keep cabin noise down a little. Cabin temp was also really good, we got a little warm after midday, but the cool San Fran air took care of that as soon as we passed the airport. The seats are a little tired but I'm feeling fine the next day, so they are doing the trick. The clutch is so much lighter than the hydraulic one I am used to in the 911, I love it. The first day I picked it up in LA I stalled a couple of times (embarrassing), it took me an hour or so to get used to the reduced torque compared to other cars I've owned, I'm feeling at home with it now.

 Speak soon.