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Our goal is to provide the best service, using the some of the best parts and practices possible. Early 900 series and 356 Porsche are our main focus. We strive to deliver service and maintenance unmatched in the industry today. From original stock to highly modified and racing applications, unlock your Porsche's true potential. Specializing in:

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Benton Performance Blog

"Alister Can" The story of Austrailian Porsche Enthusiast, Alister Cant.

John Benton


His Australian Driver’s License states his name ‘Alister Cant’, but we believe it should read ‘Alister Can’.

This is a story of Australian, Alister Cant and his blind purchase of a 1969 Porsche 912 from California.

Alister first contacted us the summer of 2013, in hopes of finding a lead to a 1969 Porsche 912. We just so happened to have a customer selling his 912 that had been sitting nearly 10 years. After pictures were exchanged, questions answered and with little negotiation, Alister decided this was the car he would rely on for his next venture; A 2500 road trip up the entire West Coast and back down.

This little 69 Porsche 912 will be making a 2500 mile road trip after sitting for a decade.

This little 69 Porsche 912 will be making a 2500 mile road trip after sitting for a decade.

Alister has dreamed of driving the West Coast in a vintage sports car for year and years. Finally in a position to be able to do so, he started his venture looking for the right car. What better place to look than California, of course. As most of us know, finding the right car can be a task in which will test your patience and ability to see through the years of stories. There are very few good survivor cars in existence and we all hope we can find that “perfect” donor. This very straight, unmolested 69 912 deemed “perfect” for Alister’s project.

Like many of these cars, this one sat for almost a decade and will need some serious help to get it back on the road. We will spend the next week or so going through the Porsche’s brakes, engine, transmission and inspecting the vehicle for any other safety concerns.

Follow our blog as we update the progress of the car's repairs as well as the progress of Alister's trip up the West Coast the Washington state. We will post pictures and updates as we live through another mans dreams.