John Benton

Switching loyalties from GM car culture to the aircooled Porsche world at 23, John Benton has never looked back. His 912, which he still drives today, is a rolling manifestation of all his dreams over the years. That love has translated into the brick and mortar establishment we know today as Benton Performance. A chat with him usually reveals two things; his deep knowledge of all that is aircooled and his genuine interest in helping those who need it.


Valerie Lugo

Your first point of contact, Valerie mans the wooden desk in the shop’s front office. A proper car enthusiast, her well-driven Mazda 3 Touring sits out front to bring a little Japanese flavor to an otherwise all-Stuttgart shop. Unofficially, she also keeps the boys from going too wild from time to time.


Ian Benton

John’s eldest son, Ian is usually found under or inside a car, tackling suspension components or reassembling a restoration project. With a sharp wit and a keen sense of humor, Ian also doubles as the shop jester, while keeping everyone in fits with his numerous musical renditions of ‘80s songs.


Eric Verdugo

Eric is Benton Performance’s “Motor Man.” Opening and rebuilding horizontally-opposed motors are Eric’s specialty. Rods, heads and pistons are his bread and butter, keeping him busy in the machining corner of the shop. A quiet gent with a twinkle in his eye, Eric’s skills ensure that your motor is firing on all cylinders, all of the time.


Tim Roper

Tim is the go-to gent for metalwork around the shop. Fabrication, welding and fitting all fall under his purview. In addition to his abilities with the strong stuff, he is a skilled mechanic and electrician which makes him a valued all-rounder at Benton Performance.



It ain’t a shop without a shop dog. Ross is John’s faithful pup and in addition to being one of the friendliest dogs around, keeps the boys company while they’re tackling particularly demanding builds. He also loves taking naps in the sun, while keeping a weather eye out for the UPS delivery van.

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